We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs who believe nothing is impossible. We aim to advance humanity by improving access to capital, justice and healthcare. We think of profit as a fuel to make social impact.

Portfolio Companies

Design, product development, engineering, and data science services for the fintech industry.

Our very first spinoff and a pillar of the tech community is ReactiveConf.

Legal & strategic partner for ambitious tech companies.

Simple, fast & affordable trademark registration.

A legal marketplace making legal help accessible.

Helping to achieve an efficient market environment for digital assets.

The secure and private wealth generation platform for digital assets.

Projects aimed on decentralized finance solutions in the blockchain space

Keeping people across Slovakia safe during the pandemic.

The centre of gravity for the regional innovation ecosystem

Founder-friendly growth capital

Creating access to mental health services.

Since 2012, Vacuumlabs has been building digital products with a focus in banking and crypto. Working with start-ups, scale-ups, and leading companies around the world – we make fintech with an impact. The products we co-create increase financial accessibility and transparency for individuals and businesses.

Our very first spinoff and a pillar of the community is ReactiveConf. When we saw React changing the world, we seized the opportunity to start connecting and supporting developers. Starting from a small community in Slovakia, we grew ReactiveConf into one of the top 3 IT conferences in the world.

A legal and strategic partner for ambitious technology companies, Sparring was born out of first hand experiences with startup centric legal matters. The team makes the legal world more human, friendly, and approachable, challenging legal services as you know them. Sparring makes a powerful ally in business and legal matters concerning startups, scaleups, and entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Trama was inspired by the labyrinthine process we navigated when registering trademarks for our growing portfolio of new companies. We quickly saw a need for specialist services in this field and wanted to help new brands protect their uniqueness. With Trama, clients bypass this complex bureaucracy with an experienced team that registers and protects their trademark.

Verdikto is a legal marketplace making legal help in all areas of life easily accessible and affordable to everyone. Using a mix of new technology and old-school legal expertise, we do whatever it takes to get our clients on the road to overcoming their challenges and moving forward with their lives.

Founded in 2018, Wincent Technologies creates market-making algorithms to help achieve a liquid and efficient market environment for digital assets.

From the team behind AdaLite comes NuFi, the secure and private wealth generation platform for digital assets. NuFi enables support for other proof-of-stake blockchains like Solana (SOL), offering implementations for selected DeFi protocols, to ultimately become a non-custodial alternative to custodial platforms such as Binance. Some of the innovative features include the ability to purchase crypto with fiat currency, access to a Decentralised Exchange (DEX) for integrated crypto trading or swaps, real-time investment dashboards and recommendations and NFT Support.

Projects aimed on decentralized finance solutions in the blockchain space

One of our most topical spinoff companies started as an internal project to keep our employees safe and healthy. We soon expanded COVID-19 testing services to our befriended neighboring businesses, then to thousands of clients in over 20 testing centers, and finally managed large-scale testing logistics for major events like Pohoda. Rychlotest-covid currently provides the fastest, cheapest and most comfortable testing solution on the market. The ambitions of our team do not stop there. Our plan is to expand our portfolio beyond COVID-19 related products, bringing new, proactive approach to people’s health.

The Spot provides unique support to the local start-up community, by connecting talent, workspace, and access to capital. Our educational events with top experts and founders open our door to the wider community interested in tech and innovations.

Threshold Capital’s aim is to bring comfort to business owners by backing their assets, sharing the risk of their business and providing enough capital to make their growth meaningful. To fulfill this, we provide flexible loans to revenue-generating innovative companies in the CEE region.

Ksebe is a go to marketplace connecting and bringing solutions to the most pressing challenges among clients and psychologists. Our goal is to rethink the mental health space so that everyone can lead a healthy and satisfied life.