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As a part of the Vacuum Group our recruitment teams successfully hired in the past decade hundreds of talents worldwide. Our biggest value is the experience with searching for concrete people within the startup and scale-up environment. The unique setup of traits like self-motivation, adaptation and innovative thinking accompanied with a strong hard skills set proved to be the best evaluation criteria for delivering a good recruitment service.
Specification of the position and process setup
  • Review or the definition of Job Description
  • Setting up of the hiring process and tools for recruitment
  • Budget setup for external publication
  • Job consultations (job requirements, ideal profile, need for assessments)
Hiring proces
  • Job board posting with predefined budget
  • Active sourcing of candidates and utilizing of the internal database
  • Screening calls and interviews with candidates
  • Coordination of activities for the next rounds with client, rejections
  • Assessments (processing, evaluation and report for the customer)
Closing activities
  • Job offer letter
  • Feedback processing
  • Rejections of unsuccessful candidates
  • Help with the onboarding process if it is requested

Non-technical positions

Seniority Fee
Junior - Mid 1,5
Senior 2

Technical positions

Seniority Fee
Junior 2
Mid - Senior 2,5

Executive positions

Seniority Fee
Senior 2,5


The standard delivery time for each role is 45 business days. In case of exceeding the time (by maintaining the guaranteed delivery of candidates), we will review the specification of the position and feedback from the client and proceed together accordingly to successfully close the position within the next 20 business days with additional candidates for free.
We are providing guarantees for min. 15 sourced candidates, and at least 5 for the second round of interviews (successful candidates from the screening call or interview moved to the next stage). In case of technical positions (SW developers, engineers), the minimum sourced candidates is 8, and at least 3 for the second round of interviews.
The feedback for each of the stages or evaluation of the candidates between client and recruitment provider should not exceed 3 business days. If yes, the delivery time will be prolonged accordingly.
The price does not include paid publications of the role on boards like Linkedin, Profesia etc. This will be agreed separately with the client (TA will advise on budget and options).
If the client will terminate the contract with the successful candidate within 3 months of starting day, we will return 50 % of the fee or we will find an adequate replacement with 50 % discount on the next fee.
The invoice for successful hiring will be issued after the signing of work contract with successful candidate and with a 15 days of payment due obligation.
Other conditions are possible after mutual agreement between Talent Acquisition The Spot recruitment team and the client.

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