Vacuum Group welcomes mental healthcare platform Ksebe to its portfolio

Ksebe, an online platform making psychological help widely accessible for everyone, received a pre-seed funding from Vacuum Group. By concluding this agreement, Ksebe has become one of the portfolio companies of the fastest growing innovation hub in CEE. 

„We are happy to welcome Ksebe onboard. With them joining, we have successfully expanded the healthtech division of our portfolio, also featuring Rychlotest Covid that offers convenient, safe and affordable COVID-19 testing in more than 20 cities across Slovakia. We consider mental health to be a crucial part of the overall well-being. In today’s world, when we are forced to face stress and anxiety on a daily basis, we should all think of mental hygiene on a regular basis,“ says Majo Porvažník, CEO of Vacuum Group.

„The financial support and the ecosystem we became part of thanks to Vacuum Group are invaluable to the expansion of our impact. In the next months, we plan to increase accessibility of therapy by growing our community of psychologists and introducing new trial features to our platform that fight the stigma. Our goal is to build an approachable brand that people can trust and provide our services in CEE. As we speak, we are innovating new ways to make therapy even more accessible,“ says Petra Žilinčanová, CEO of Ksebe.

Ksebe jointly with Vacuum Group are now part of a broader initiative with the goal of making psychological help for health personnel fighting in the first line of the COVID-19 pandemic more available.